How to make my yoghurts firmer

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You want to have closed yoghurts, here is a sharing tip list.

What makes yogurt liquid

Firmer yoghurts approach 1

I no longer use

I buy in pharmacy liophilized powder ferment for yogurt of the brand Yalacta (6€ per bottle).

The next time I use a yoghurt from my production according to the same process.

= > My yoghurts are firm and more granular.

It is possible to re-sow about 15 times before taking up "new" ferment. Enjoy your meal.




Firmer yoghurts approach 2

I couldn't make firm yogurts and I made 2 changes:

Otherwise I heat them for 12 hours. They are firm, non-acid and non-sticky.

= > it is important to whip the milk-ferment mixture well.

And if you boil your milk, you will also get a very good result, or even a little better. But do not put the lactic ferment until the milk has cooled. Because too high a temperature kills the ferment.

Firm yoghurt with semi-skimmed milk

The recipe for firm homemade yogurt with semi-skimmed milk is simple:

I let it take 10 hours, and the yoghurts are always successful and firm, because at home they are only eaten like that.

Sweetening them allows us to take them to work for lunch

Some shared tips for firm yogurt

Tips for closed yoghurts

In summary to make homemade yogurt firmer here are the good tips to follow: