Why make your own yoghurt

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It's true, we're talking about homemade yoghurt but why make yoghurts yourself?

There are many advantages to making your own homemade yogurt, as well as the advantages of making your own homemade yogurt:


Know what's in your home yogurt

Even a yogurt called "nature" contains additives and these additives are not necessarily our friends.

Fruit yoghurts are certainly the least natural yoghurts! Indeed, these yogurts with industrial fruits contain:

For light yogurts called lighter (we will see that what lightens is not ideal for health):

But in industrial yogurt, you're not immune to eating a little gelatin to make up for a lack of consistency... (mad cow disease is talking to you?)

Home yogurt is economical!


yaourts maison


Making yogurt yourself is about 2 times cheaper

With a commercial yogurt or lactic ferments bought in pharmacy, make 1 liter 200 of yogurt and take back 1 homemade yogurt to sow 1 other yogurt tour (1 liter)(we can do so 4 times for a yogurt of the trade and up to 20 times for ferments bought in pharmacy, more expensive to buy, but also more profitable). See the recipe to make your homemade yogurt.

Calculation of the cost price of a home-made yogurt

1 liter milk costs on average 0.65 cent euro
1 yoghurt in plastic pot (2.88 euro for 16 yoghurt in nature = 0.18 cent per piece)
With 1 yogurt we get 9 new yogurts (minus 1 that we keep to sow the other furnished) = 8x4 times (I prefer to count 3 in case we forget to keep one, or if we miss the last batch, you see, I prefer to give a pessimistic forecast!) = 8x3 = 24 yoghurts.

Cost of 24 homemade yogurt:
1 commercial yogurt + 3 liters of milk 0.65 cent = 2.13 euro!!!!
Plan a little for electricity (as far as I am concerned, without yoghurt so very economical)
Now for less than 2.5 euro the deal is in the bag. (i.e. 0.10 cent)
While 24 yoghurts from the trade would have cost you 4.32 euro. (0.18 cent per pot)
Or in the worst forecast the home yogurt is 2 times cheaper than the yogurt of the trade.

Homemade yogurt is ecological


Ecology is fashionable and it does not risk changing, unlike the climate !

Take a family of 4 people who eat 1 yogurt a day each, it's 120 yogurt a month and 1,440 yogurt a year!

realize! 1440 jars of yoghurt per year to throw away! The pot platisque + paper with its inks and glue without counting the over-packaging for yogurt packs!
And this is not counting the pollution related to transport...

Greener glass jars? Not so sure because if the glass recycles very well the transport and recycling costs are very important then instead of throwing away your yogurt pot, wash them and reuse yourself, basically make your yogurt yourself (plus you will make less travel to the glass container)!


yaourts maison


Homemade yogurt is good


Finally, among all the arguments in favor of homemade yogurt do not forget the essentials, taste and pleasure!

It's fun to make homemade yoghurts with your children, it's fun and rewarding, a real moment of sharing that marks. In short, a return to antant traditions.

And the famous "I did it!," pride and self-esteem everything is good to take in these so difficult (we will not commit suicide at work no!)!

To make your own yoghurt is to act at its level, to bring its stone to a global ecological approach. (simplifying his life brings you reflection and information on the subject, among others)

But I am sure you will find some other reasons and that you will want to embark on the very fun experience of homemade yogurt...

Note: yogurt can be used in the composition of your home-made beauty masks (as much take a home-made yogurt!).