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Recipe for homemade yogurt

Ingredients to make your home-made yogurt:

  1. Milk: skimmed milk or low fat can be used to make yoghurt, yoghurt will be made as well as with whole milk or high in fat. Yoghurt made with high fat milk will have a thick and creamy consistency.
  2. yogurt! Hey, as fun as it may seem, the other ingredient to make yoghurt is, ironically, yoghurt. You need a yogurt bought in store for its living bacteria (active ferments) to restart the bacterial process. The yoghurt you buy for the start should be clear and natural (without aroma or coloring).

It is also possible to buy yogurt starter ferments in natural food stores - a mixture rich in bacteria that is used in the recipe instead of natural yogurt. Some packages offer ferments with embedded flavors.

When you get used to making your homemade yogurt, you'll get used to keeping the last pot of your homemade yogurt to serve when you next make your homemade yogurt. Later you will have to buy a yogurt or ferments because the bacteria lose their power in time.


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How to make your own yoghurt?

The easiest way to make homemade yogurt is to use a yogurt maker. Indeed, the temperature at which the yoghurt is formed must remain constant and this for several hours in order to obtain a good quality of yoghurt and this control is not simple to control manually.

If you do not want to invest in a yoghurt, the alternative method is to use an oven set to a very low temperature - you aim for a temperature around 43 degrees centigrade (110 degrees Fahrenheit).

A third way to make your home-made yoghurt is to place the jars in the water bath in a pot of heated water on the stove, on a very low heat - if you have a kitchen thermometer, you aim for a constant temperature of 43-45 degrees. Using this method, you will need to add some water from time to time during the 5 to 6 hours of cooking required for the manufacture of homemade yogurt.

There are various other methods to maintain a suitable temperature for making your home yogurt such as placing your mixture above your radiators or the boiler of your central heating - but it is quite difficult to control exactly the temperature with these methods.




Method to make your home yogurt

  1. Boil one litre of milk (killing all "bacteria not useful for yogurt" in milk), then let cool to about 45 degrees. Beware, do not start making yogurt until the milk has cooled sufficiently, because the heat would kill the "good bacteria" of yogurt!
  2. Now add the yoghurt pot with the active ferments and mix, then pour the mixture into the jars supplied with your yoghurt or keep warm according to the method you have chosen.
  3. The manufacturing process of homemade yogurt takes 8-10 hours: too short a time and your yogurt will be of a thinner consistency, too long a time and curdled milk and whey would start to separate
  4. The homemade yogurt thus obtained will be stored for several days in the refrigerator. It is best to add flavourings, fruit or sugar when serving, rather than directly after manufacture.
  5. Treat yourself to your homemade yogurt!