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Recipe from yoghurt to fruit extracts

You have discovered the recipe for fruit yoghurt but do not necessarily have fresh fruit available, so you can use fruit extracts to make your yoghurt with fruit.

With natural fruit extracts, I solve a lot of problems to perfume my yogurts and save a lot of time. I make a lot of effort to prepare my own food, with lots of fresh vegetables (organic preferably), I make my yoghurts you know, my desserts, my bread, but I don't want (last but not least not the time) cultivating a garden, raising a cow and milking it, extracting sugar from betraves or grinding wheat to make flour!

Natural fruit extracts therefore seem to me a quick, healthy and pleasant solution. It's great for making yoghurts that change from the usual.


Yaourt aux extraits de fruits


Ingredients of your yoghurt recipe with fruit extracts

Here is the list of ingredients to gather to make your home yogurt:

quite simple!

Make yogurt with fruit extract

To make your homemade yogurt with fruit extracts, here is the recipe to follow:

At the end of cooking, your homemade yoghurts are ready, place them in the refrigerator.

Where to find its natural fruit


Not always easy to find the natural fruit extract, no panic we have selected the fruit extracts and natural aroma for your homemade yogurt preparation.

With this selection of natural fruit extract and food flavour for yoghurt, you can make and perfume at least the following yoghurts:

What to innovate in your home yogurt recipes!

If like me you make yoghurts also in yoghurt and your children like yoghurts with strawberry but without pieces, you probably tried like me several techniques. Put strawberry jam at the bottom of the yogurt, it doesn't suit them, if you tried like me your yogurt recipe with strawberry syrup, it tends to make the yogurt sticky and they don't have too much strawberry taste, then natural extracts (strawberries here) can be the solution for you (and me). These natural fruit extracts and fruit aroma have the advantage of not changing the yogurt texture but just their taste!

You now know how to make yoghurt fruit extracts yourself.