Fruit yoghurt

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Fresh fruit yogurt recipe

What better than a fruit yogurt? there are several ways to make fruit yogurt.

You can use fresh fruit or fruit extract for your fruit yogurt.


Yaourts aux fruits


Ingredient for fruit yogurt recipe

The ingredients for your fruit yogurt recipe vary depending on the fruits used for your home yogurt.

In order to give you good guidelines for the realization of your fruit yogurt, here is the list of ingredients to gather:

Make your fruit yogurt

To make your fruit yoghurts, the preparation of your yoghurts will vary according to the fruits used, here are the recipes to follow:

Fruit yogurt recipes:

You see, making homemade fruit yoghurts is very easy and fast, you can of course use other fruits according to your convenience and tastes. You can also use fruit extracts if you don't have fresh fruit, follow our yogurt recipe with fruit extracts.

If you like cooking with fruit, try to make your fruit jams homemade.

You now know how to make your yoghurt with homemade fruit. good tasting.