Yoghurt with speculoos

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Recipe for yoghurt with speculoos

If you are like me, fan of speculoos, this biscuit so atypical and delicious then you will love this recipe of yogurt with speculoos.


Yaourt aux speculoos


Ingredients for the recipe of yogurt with speculoos

Before starting your yogurt recipe with speculoos, make sure you have all the ingredients on hand:

Here you are ready to make your homemade yoghurt to speculoos.

Make yoghurts with homemade speculoos

Like all homemade yogurt recipes, the yogurt recipe with speculoos is extremely simple.

Just the smell that reigns in the kitchen is to fall with this recipe to speculoos!

let cool 4 hours before tasting, a little patience before tasting your home yogurt.

Treat yourself well with these speculoos yogurts!

Where to buy speculoos

Not always obvious to find speculoos at interesting rates. We have selected for you offers of speculoos cookies at mini price and recipes of speculoos