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Yogurt Bio? Organic yoghurt is in fact the original, natural yoghurt, conceived as its origin. The fact that everything is natural and certified organic guarantees you the greatest benefits for your health thanks to your organic yogurt. Nowadays, it is very easy to make your own organic yogurt.

Organic is in vogue, it must be said that we find more and more in milk, so starting on organic yoghurts is to ensure a quality milk that keeps its characteristics as on the farm.

So make your homemade yogurt yes but make them organic is even better, for the recipe to make your organic yogurt follow the chef:


Yaourt bio


Recipe for organic yoghurts

Ingredients for 7 to 8 organic yoghurts

Preparation for your organic yogurt

You will be able to regain the true taste of yogurt of old, natural and full of good things for your body. To share with the whole family!

And here's your home-made organic yoghurts are ready to be tasted, good appetite with your organic yoghurts!