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Thermos yogurt recipe

Want to make your yogurt home but you don't have a yogurt? not serious a thermos is enough!

Indeed, we will present you a recipe to make yogurt without yogurt with a simple thermos.


Yaourt au thermos


Ingredient for thermos yogurt

List of ingredients to make yogurt with a thermos:

If you use one litre of semi-skimmed milk, add 2 or 3 spoons of powdered milk to your preparation for firmer yoghurts.

Make yogurt with thermos

To make your home yogurt without yogurt using a thermos here is the recipe to follow:

Of course like all homemade yoghurts, You can flavor or sweeten your yoghurt before you put it in the fridge or before you taste it.

This thermos yogurt is also consumed very well nature.

This thermos yogurt recipe is economical because with 1 liter of milk and 1 single yogurt, you can make 1 liter of good homemade yogurt.

You now know how to make yoghurt with a thermos! Enjoy your meal.