Yoghurt in syrup

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Syrup yogurt recipe

The recipe from yoghurt to syrup is very simple to make. We're not talking about adding syrup to your yoghurt but incorporating it into the yoghurt being made.


Yaourt au sirop


Ingredients for Yogurt with syrup

list of ingredients for the syrup yogurt recipe:

Which syrup to use

For your syrup yogurt you can use any type of syrup that suits you, here are some syrup ideas to enhance your homemade yogurt:

In the kitchen and to make your own homemade yoghurts, let your imagination and creativity guide you, try your hand and discover your specialties!

Make yogurt with syrup

To make your homemade yogurt with syrup here is the recipe to follow:

Once your yoghurt has finished its cycle your yoghurts in syrup are ready!

You now know how to make yoghurt with syrup then good discovery.