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Recipe for oven yogurt

How about making your yogurt in the oven? Making homemade yoghurts without yoghurt is possible!

Using your oven, you can make your home yogurt batches without difficulty. Practical to know this recipe of yoghurt in the oven because you don't always have your yoghurt next to you, especially when you go on holiday or on weekends.


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Ingredients for your oven yogurt recipe

Tips for your oven yogurt recipe

You can add a few spoons of powdered milk to give more consistency to your yoghurts in the oven, it will give them a creamy look.

You can flavor your yogurt in the oven as you like, see our other homemade yogurt recipes.

Preparation of your yoghurt in the oven

In a large bowl, mix your milk and yoghurt. Please remove the lumps.

At this stage of the recipe you can add your powdered milk if you wish or any other ingredient to mast or perfume your yogurt (vanilla sugar, citrus zest, syrups...).

place your yoghurt preparation in your yoghurt jars and put them on the oven rack and bake.

Heat your oven to 65 °C for 20 minutes. If your oven allows, choose the "semi-oven" position recommended for cooking the pasta.

After 20 minutes, raise the temperature of your oven to 70 °C and cook your yoghurts in the oven for 90 minutes. This period and temperature of the oven will allow the yeasts to act and make your yoghurts.

when your yoghurt is no longer liquid, turn off the oven and let your yoghurt cool. Do not vibrate so that your yoghurt takes hold.

Once your yoghurt in the oven has cooled, close them and compete in the refrigerator for about ten days.

You can eat your yoghurts in the fresh oven or use them to cook by incorporating them into another yoghurt recipe.

Good tasting of your home-made yogurt in the oven!