Lemon yoghurt

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Recipe for lemon yogurt

To make your homemade yogurt flavored with lemon here is the recipe to follow for 1 liter of milk.


Yaourt au citron


Ingredients for lemon yogurt

Preparation of yogurt with lemon

  1. Recall the lemon in zest (use a zester to make your work easier)
  2. Make the milk warm to infuse the lemon zest (If you have opted for lemon aroma it is time to add it to the preparation (2 drops)).
  3. You can keep the lemon zest in your yoghurt or remove it as you prefer (in which case the zest should be removed after infusion).
  4. cool the milk infused with lemon zest and add the natural yogurt (you can sweeten your preparation at this stage if you want to make sweet lemon yogurt).
  5. Fill your jars and place them in yoghurt for 9 hours

How to get the lemon taste of yoghurt to lemon


The aroma of lemon that will give its acidulated taste to your homemade yogurt can be obtained in these different ways:

Tip for a successful lemon yogurt recipe

If you want to make a homemade yogurt flavored with lemon and sweet (the top what), I invite you to add sugar directly in the preparation and add the lemon flavor just before the pot.

The use of lactic ferments instead of a natural yogurt from the beginning allows you to have firmer yogurts for your yogurt preparations and allows you to keep your base up to 15 preparations against 4 to 5 for a natural yogurt.

Good tasting of your homemade lemon yogurt!