Caramel yogurt

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Recipe for yogurt with caramel

This recipe of yogurt with caramel is delicious, it is more than a homemade yogurt it is really a dessert of choice!


Yaourt au caramel


Ingredient of caramel yogurt

To make your yogurt with caramel, here is the list of ingredients to gather:

ingredients of the caramel


Make your own homemade caramel yogurt

To make your yogurt with caramel here is the recipe that breaks down into 2 steps, the first for the realization of the homemade caramel sauce and the second for the realization of the yogurt with caramel.

Recipe for my caramel sauce

Recipe for yogurt with caramel

Tips for caramel yogurt

I advise you not to use liquid caramel (4 tablespoons of liquid caramel) bought in supermarket because the taste is really not at the rendezvous, if you make homemade yogurt made in succulents!

You can also use caramel sweets to scent and sweeten your caramel yogurt, take 25 sweets in this case instead of homemade caramel sauce.

You can caramelize the top of your caramel yogurt as a burnt cream by adding a little sugar to the top of your yogurt just before you eat it and have it caramelized with a torch.

By adding the flower of salt to the salted butter you get yogurt with caramel with salted butter! long live Brittany and Brittany!

Good tasting of your homemade yogurt with caramel.