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Light yogurt recipe

Home-made lighter yoghurts are a recipe for lighter home-made yoghurt in fat.

Follow the light yogurt recipe for a slimming snack and homemade pleasure.


Yaourt allГ©gГ©


Ingredients of light yogurt

To make your homemade yogurt lighter here is the list of ingredients to gather:

You can sweeten your lighter yoghurts directly at the recipe level to control the amount of sugar you put in your home yoghurt.

You can add 60g of powdered sugar or organic fructose. But if you want to chase calories then go on stevia to sweeten your yogurt (very little because stevia has a strong sweetening power for 0 calories). Homemade yogurt can be eaten sugar free they are very good.

Make your yogurt lighter home

Here's how to make your yogurt lighter home:

Here you are with the recipe for lighter yogurt, to test the home yogurt calorie-free!