Vanilla yogurt

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Vanilla yogurt recipe

What could be more delicious than homemade vanilla yogurt?


Yaourt a la vanille


Ingredients for vanilla yogurt

For the realization of the recipe of yogurt with vanilla, follow the same indications as for the recipe of yogurt nature.

Preparation of yoghurt with vanilla

  1. Pour the whole milk into a saucepan
  2. Cut the vanilla bean in half over its length and extract the vanilla beans inside with a knife to infuse them into the milk (you can also cut the vanilla beans into small pieces and put them to infuse also into the milk, just remove them when potting).
  3. Heat the whole milk with the vanilla clove
  4. Let the milk cool and remove the split pod.
  5.  Whisk the yogurt and add the sugar to the milk.
  6. Once the preparation is homogeneous, fill the yoghurt jars.
  7. Place the jars in the yoghurt for about 10 hours.

How to give vanilla flavor to your vanilla yogurt

To get the vanilla aroma for your homemade yogurt, you have different possibilities:


Good tasting of your vanilla yogurt. Some will even say that vanilla yogurt is aphrodisiac! (Use natural vanilla in this case)