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Homemade stevia yogurt recipe

Here is a good homemade stevia yogurt recipe. Stevia is this plant that gives a very important sweetening power and that will replace aspartame gradually. Stevia is a plant that will replace sweeteners.

Brazilians and Japanese have been using stevia for centuries and the tests they have carried out reveal its safety. In addition, stevia lowers blood glucose levels and blood pressure, stimulates insulin production and urine production, and tones the heart...

So for a homemade, calorie-free and 100% natural yogurt try the stevia yogurt recipe.

Stevia is in the form of powder or liquid and also in the form of tablets, these are the first two forms of stevia that will interest us in the manufacture of our stevia yogurts. Stevia is ideal for sweetening your homemade yogurt especially for your lighter yogurt or yogurt 0%.


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Ingredients for your stevia yogurt recipe

Preparation of your stevia yoghurt

To make your homemade stevia yogurt here is the recipe to follow:

Homemade sweet yogurt 0 calorie and 100% natural thanks to stevia.

Good tasting of your homemade yogurt with stevia.

Where to buy stevia

Stevia, on the other hand, is not always easy to find at a good price. We have selected stevia for you at discount rates: