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Recipe for yoghurt 0%

We were asked if it was possible to make yogurt at 0%. Because it is true that for homemade yogurt recipes we recommend taking whole or half-skimmed milk.

The risk with homemade yogurt at 0% is that yogurt is a bit liquid, which is why you have to follow the recipe of yogurt at 0% to succeed in your homemade yogurt. You can then taste your lighter yoghurts.


Yaourt 0%


Yoghurt ingredients 0%

Here is the list of ingredients to gather to make your yogurt at 0%:

Use ferments for your yogurt 0%, its texture will be firmer than with a yogurt nature 0% of the trade.

Make your home yogurt at 0%

To make your yogurt home to 0% here is the recipe to follow:

Place in the refrigerator 24 hours before tasting.

A trick to sweeten your 0% homemade yogurt is to use stevia which is a natural plant with intense sweetening power and no calories you will continue to have a 0% sweetened yogurt!

Here you have the recipe for homemade yogurt at 0%!