Vegetable yogurt with hazelnut

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To make your vegetable yogurt with hazelnut, here is the recipe to follow.


Yaourt vГ©gГ©tal Г  la noisette


Hazelnut yogurt ingredient

To make your vegetable yogurt, use the same process as for your homemade yogurt:

Mix the milk at room temperature with the yoghurt or ferments with a whisk until a homogeneous milk is obtained. Add remaining ingredients, put in jars and yoghurt for 10/12 hours. Then put the lid and in the fridge. this will give you a vegetable yogurt with a brewed texture.

If you prefer a firmer texture for your vegetable yogurt, add 4 grams of agar agar to boiled milk and let cool well before adding the ferments so as not to "kill" the fermentation of your vegetable yogurt.