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More and more people are intolerant to milk lactose, which is why there are now lactose-free yoghurts.

For these lactose-intolerant people, "homemade yogurt" is meant to eliminate lactose from their diet. Even if yogurt is the dairy product that contains the least, these people can have negative reactions. This is why homemade yogurt is made from lactose-free milk.


Yaourts sans lactose


Understanding Lactose Intolerance

Lactose is a sugar found in many milk-based products, it is the main carbohydrate of milk.

Lactase is the intestinal enzyme that digests lactose. This substance cuts lactose into 2 sugars that can be easily digested.

When a person does not have or no longer has enough lactase, he or she digests milk products or other products containing lactose poorly. It is then said to be lactose-intolerant.

When our body is unable or unable to produce enough lactase, the lactose ingested is no longer digested or poorly digested in the small intestine. It then reaches the colon where it is fermented by the flora. This can cause more or less annoying symptoms that cause pain and discomfort. These symptoms vary from person to person depending on the degree of lactose intolerance.

Beware, do not confuse allergy and intolerance to lactose!

A radical solution: avoid dairy products

A low lactose diet certainly reduces discomfort. Nevertheless, it is a difficult measure to respect, as milk is present in our diet in the most varied forms.

Milk is known to play an important role in calcium intake and bone health; this means either finding another intake of calcium and vitamins or suppressing the undesirable effects of lactose.

Fortunately there are several solutions today to continue eating lactose-free yoghurts!

List of lactose-free yoghurts

To find the homemade yogurt without lactose, you can go to the following list: