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Probiotic yoghurt? Strange word that probiotic, but are yoghurts probiotic?


Yaourt probiotique


What are probotics

Probiotics are living bacteria present naturally or added to certain foods. Yoghurt, fermented milks or cheeses, for example, are products that contain probiotics.

To qualify as probiotics, the micro-organism concerned either has proven its health benefit, and that it survives long enough in the intestine to act.

Indeed, a probiotic does not settle sustainably in the body, bringing beneficial effects in a transient way.

This requires regular consumption of probiotic yoghurts because if you stop, the effects usually disappear.

The first known probiotics are bacteria contained in yoghurts. They are considered probiotic because they help digest milk lactose.

New probiotics such as Lactobacillus Caseidum and bifidobacterium had to demonstrate their beneficial effect on humans before obtaining the coveted title of probiotic.

Why do we have probiotic yoghurts

The name 'yoghurt' is strictly reserved for milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. So to get the name yoghurt, yoghurt is automatically a probiotic yoghurt. These bacteria (probiotics) must be seeded simultaneously and be living in the finished product at a rate of at least 10 million bacteria per gram, up to the consumption deadline. This is why yoghurt is called a live product.

Are probiotic yoghurts good for your health

Probiotic yogurt has shown its health benefits for millennia, see article on yogurt history.

Probiotic yogurt is recommended especially in the baby and in the athlete in whom it would increase the strength of the immune system and probiotic yogurt helps the intestinal transit. For this it is enough to consume one yogurt a day for several days, it is more complicated and unpleasant as treatment! The number of yoghurt and the duration vary according to each individual.

To learn more about the scientifically proven effects of probiotics, you can visit the INRA website. "Probiotic Reference" is a bilingual scientific watch letter (English and French) dedicated to the health and nutrition benefits of fermented dairy products.

A word enjoy your homemade yogurt recipes and whatever yogurt you eat, bought in supermarkets, on the farm or homemade know that it is still a probiotic yogurt.