Baby yoghurt

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Baby yogurt is a yogurt specially designed for babies. Before the age of 1, babies drink formula milk, not cow's milk, which is difficult for infants to digest.


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What is the difference between a baby yogurt and a classic yogurt?

Baby yoghurt is made from formula milk and therefore gets this designation of "baby yoghurt."

Many pediatricians do not consider it necessary to use yoghurt for babies (the yoghurt ferments have partly digested milk lactose, making it easier to digest).

Ingredients for growth milk yogurt

Make yogurt with infant milk

  1. Mix milk, sugar and ferment.
  2. Split the vanilla in half and collect the seeds to add to the milk.
  3. Mix the preparation together
  4. Pour the preparation into jars for yoghurt, and place them in the yoghurt.
  5. Start and let the yoghurt cook for 8 hours. Close the jars and keep them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

The benefits of baby yogurt

Apart from the fact that baby yogurt is composed of formula milk (therefore suitable for the child), baby yogurt has this feature of not needing to be kept fresh (check on the packaging of your yogurt or on the label of your yogurt). This feature is really useful when you go on a ballad with baby, more risk of not keeping yogurt cool.

The points to check on baby yogurts

As too many baby products, it is common to encounter baby yoghurts that are not natural, so check the labels of your baby yoghurts, often it is added sugar, dyes, additive or preservatives, be careful.

In all cases good family tasting with your baby yogurt