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Can an outdated yogurt be eaten?

Are there any risks to eating an outdated yogurt? This is often the question that arises when we see that the deadline for consumption of yoghurt (DLC) is exceeded.

It should be remembered that yoghurt is made from fermented milk and therefore contains bacteria that converts it into yoghurt, so it is a living and preservative product.

As a general rule, a yoghurt can be consumed beyond its safe consumption deadline once the cold chain has been preserved and the yoghurt seal has not been opened.

So that the storage deadline is exceeded by 10 days, 3 weeks you can consume yogurt. If your yoghurts have a normal aspect, you can eat them. obviously if you see a greenish tablecloth and molds on your yoghurts abstain!

For your homemade yoghurt, not being hermetically sealed, it is best to eat them within 10 days.


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What to do with outdated yogurts

It is not because your yoghurt is out of date that it is no longer useful! outdated yogurt will be very beneficial for your septic tank.

Some use outdated yogurt to clean the grey green by passing a good layer and allowing several days for yogurt to act naturally.