Bulgarian yoghurt

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Bulgarian yoghurt is often cited as a source of longevity.

What is Bulgarian yoghurt?


Yaourt Bulgare


the famous "Bulgarian yogurt' is not a brewed yogurt but a gelatinous and firm yogurt, which holds on the plate like flan. Hence the local expression in Bulgaria, "a yogurt to cut with a knife," synonymous with excellence in Sofia.

Bulgarian yogurt has a particular and refreshing taste due to its lactic ferment (Lactobacillius bulgaricus). It is used as a dietary food in most digestive and cardiovascular diseases.

The bacteria responsible for producing Bulgarian yogurt are a combination of lactobcilicus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilius (Thracian yogurt) and other milk microogranisms ("accompanying microflora").

Bulgarian yoghurt is one of the origins of yoghurt.

The legendary longevity of the Balkan mountaineers aroused his curiosity for the lactic ferments and popularity of Bulgarian Yogurt.