Yoghurt with vegetable milk

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Do you like homemade yoghurt?


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Do you know that you can make yogurt with vegetable milk?

Ideal for people allergic to cow's milk or vegans (and others of course!), I strongly advise you to try this other way to make homemade yogurt.

To make a vegetable yogurt, simply replace the cow's milk with vegetable milk.

Nothing changes with regard to dosage, and the methodology of manufacturing homemade yogurt, just the taste changes obviously.

Beware, only soya milk makes it possible to produce vegetable yogurts: 1 yogurt of natural soya (preferably organic) + 1 liter of soya milk.

Indeed, It seems that to ferment into yoghurt, a vegetable milk must contain a minimum of fat.

Ingredients for 1 kg of vegetable yogurt (about 6 pots)

Preparation of your home-made vegetable yogurt

  1. In a saucepan, mix the starch and agar in the vegetable milk.
  2. Cook while mixing for at least 5 minutes, until a cream is obtained.
  3. Let the cream cool (be careful not to cool completely otherwise the agar agar will solidify, keep a bath temperature of about 40 ° C) then incorporate the ferments.
  4. Incubate as normal yogurt, about 6 h at about 42 °C or yogurt
  5. Place at least 1 hour in the cool before tasting (to make the texture firm).

Book on vegetable milk yogurt

 There are many books on the use of vegetable milk and the realization of vegetable milk yogurt discover here our selection.