Yogurt against bad breath

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yaourt contre la mauvaise haleine


Fight bad breath with yogurt

Do you have bad breath problems? Do you know that yoghurt can help you?

Of course to fight against bad breath, the first care is a good brushing of tooth and tongue (not to be overlooked) but that is not necessarily enough.

Bad breath is not necessarily due to alcohol, cigarettes or an abuse of garlic or onion, but may have medical causes such as gingival, stomach and/or intestinal causes.

Roughly speaking, your breath problems come from bacteria that release and raise gases that cause your bad breath.

to fight against unpleasant odours for you and your interlocutor, follow a course of yogurt for 4 to 6 weeks at a rate of one or 2 yogurts per day.

The lactic ferments of yoghurts, will neutralize the unpleasant gas release. Your bad breath will disappear thanks to this yogurt cure!

Attention anyway, only the effects of bad breath will be solved, to treat the causes of your bad breath, only a medical consultation can provide an answer to your problem.

In the meantime, you will have recovered your fresh breath with a natural product, healthy for the body, economical and good for health that yoghurt is so why not?

With your yogurt cure, your interlocutors will no longer talk to you remotely!