Improbable uses of yoghurt

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We propose you to discover the different uses of yogurt.

Yogurt is eaten of course but not only! The virtues of yogurt are many and we offer you to discover how to use your homemade yogurt.

You will be able to share it with your family and friends with delicious recipes but also for many unsuspected uses!


usages improbables du yaourt


How to use your yogurt differently

You see the yoghurt has a thousand and one facets. This natural dairy product can serve you in many areas, you still need to know them!

Whether it is a mask for the face or for the hair or use it to make a yogurt cake, yogurt has more than one option to offer you.

You will discover more ways to use your obsolete yogurt, even if yogurt can be preserved for a very long time because it is a living food that continues to evolve thanks to its lactic ferments.

If you have too much yoghurt, place them in small squares of muslin that you will attach. Drain them by hanging them over a sink or a pond as the whey will flow. Thus, your drained yoghurt will be consumed as a small ordinary fresh cheese. You can eat your "yoghurt' cheese by mixing it with olive oil, garlic, parsley or any other ground grass. You can serve your cheese with home-made yogurt cold or applied to oven-baked toasts.

And how do you use yogurt? Share your best recipes with us and we'll share them!