Yogurt anti-dandruff

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Yogurt against dandruff

After the yoghurt shampoo, discover the new home yoghurt hair treatment: yoghurt anti-dandruff.

Indeed, an excellent remedy against dandruff is yoghurt! and it works with our homemade yogurt recipes.

Yoghurt has many health benefits in balancing the body so enjoy in and at a lower cost!




How to use yoghurt to fight against its dandruff

Repeat this anti-dandruff yoghurt treatment after each shampoo at the beginning.

When your dandruff decreases or disappears, use one more yogurt once in 2 or 3, afterwards.

Obviously, if you make your homemade yogurt, this anti-dandruff recipe is really cheap! Enjoy this natural and cheap anti-dandruff mask!

You can also have a 100% natural organic anti-dandruff mask using organic yogurt.

This yogurt anti-dandruff process works really well, to do again if you have too many dandruff on the scalp.