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Yoghurt: eat, drink, do it!

Yoghurt has been enjoyed in much of the world for at least 4,500 years. From the first yoghurt from Central Asia, India, Southern Europe and Central Europe, yoghurt is now consumed almost everywhere in the world.

Probably no other food product than yoghurt can claim such a history and popularity! Yoghurt is both healthy and nutritious and extremely cheap or easy to make at home.

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Indeed, there is a world of difference between a yoghurt bought in store, pasteurized, too sweet and too colorful and the freshness of a homemade yoghurt.

The taste of unsweetened yoghurt may be surprising at first and may take a short time to get used to it. Indeed, many people find yoghurt nature too bitter or acidic at first.

Yoghurt can then be consumed with fruits and sugar, or in one of the multitude of yoghurt recipes: by way of Indian yoghurt tart currys or pretzels coated yoghurt.

Yoghurt can be an important part of a healthy diet, there are many yoghurt recipes, some of which are less favourable to diets! Yoghurt has many benefits for your health and medical prescriptions for yoghurt consumption are common. is your unique portal for information about yoghurt and its myriad benefits.

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