Natural yoghurt or light yoghurt? What is the best yogurt for the diet

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Obesity and diabetes are currently reaching epidemic proportions in developed countries, people are increasingly on a diet, in order to lose their excess weight as well as to keep their blood sugar levels under control. One thing that is difficult for many to identify what they should and should not eat during their diet.

Some people think that if they drink soft drinks and eat light foods and snacks, they will automatically lose weight. Lighter products are labelled "light" because they are less calorie than regular versions, and because they are usually sweetened with an artificial sweetener (aspartam in general), as opposed to conventional sugar.

So when it comes to yoghurt, what is the best way to lose weight and control diabetes? classic yogurt or light yogurt. Lighter yogurt seems to have won in advance right? Well, not necessarily, and here are the main reasons:


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Metabolism problems

Many people who follow a diet, with or without diabetes, have difficult times in terms of their weight loss. this is due to the result of years of yo-yo diets, which has caused serious defect in metabolism, which results in its functioning at a much slower rate. Individuals suffering from metabolic problems often need to consume a completely natural diet completely free from any artificial diet. it is often a healthy diet that will help speed up metabolism to a normal level. So of course, this means that all artificial sweeteners are to be avoided.

Against weight loss

Much of the research has been done on aspartame, which has shown that it is the cause of diet failures and weight loss in many individuals. This non-nutritious sweetener is also related to the desire for sweets and other carbohydrate-rich foods, which is certainly not desirable if some search to lose weight or maintain a constant weight.

Blood Sugar Issues

Artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame, have been implicated in many cases out-of-control of blood glucose, making it more difficult for people who consume food and drinks containing aspartame to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Some people who are adamant about drinking light drinks, but cautious with aspartame, should not drink sweet sodas with splenda (sucralose), and although this artificial sweetener has not yet been identified as a source of trouble for diabetics, but it is best to stay away from all artificial sweeteners just to follow the precautionary principle.

Low glycemic index

Those who try to lose weight often follow a low glycemic diet, which is also excellent for diabetics and pre-diabetics. A great advantage for yoghurt, no matter if it is a lighter or standard yoghurt, it has a low glycemic index. So, rather than risk your health by choosing light yogurt, why not choose a classic natural yogurt, which will help you keep your glycemic index low and help you in your weight loss?

The decision to eat lighter or classic yogurt comes down to you in the end.

If you prefer to avoid sugar and eat light and this does not affect your weight loss in a negative way. On the other hand, if you notice that you frequently stop in your weight loss and/or you seem to have developed some type of sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, it might be wise to choose classic yoghurt.

What is the worst? Eat yoghurt containing calories, fresh fruits and sugar, or eat a large slice of chocolate cake with chocolate icing? Obviously, yoghurt is the best, even if it contains sugar.

And your diet can be an opportunity to make your yogurt home.