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The Health Benefits of Yoghurt

We saw that, in the history of yoghurt, Bulgarians seemed to have an astonishing longevity and health due in particular to their high consumption of yoghurt.

We also saw on the article presenting yoghurt that there are yoghurts with live bacteria (active ferments) and others that are pasteurized.


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But What are the real health benefits of yoghurt

The main benefits of natural yogurt come from the elements it contains: potassium, calcium, vitamin B12 and other B vitamins and proteins.

The health benefits of yoghurt include

Other advantages of yogurt

The advantages of yoghurts with live ferments over pasteurized yoghurts do not seem to be fully proven.

Despite this lack of solid evidence, most nutritionists recommend yoghurt to live ferments.

We must know the interests of pasteurization of yoghurts