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Yogurt recipe with rennet

We will present you the recipe of homemade yogurt with rennet.

What is rennet

Rennet is the substance used to curd milk for cheese.

The active substance in rennet is a proteolytic digestive enzyme called Chymosin. It serves the young animal to curd the milk in his stomach; the cheese maker will therefore use it for these purposes. Chymosin attacks a specific fraction of milk proteins (casein Kappa) and destroys them. This destabilizes the structure of the milk, thus causing coagulation.

It is for this active principle that rennet is sometimes used in the composition of yoghurts as a ferment. But in general, rennet is used to make faisselle type white cheese, for yoghurt, it is necessary to use lactic ferments.

If you use rennet for home yogurt too liquid try milk powder, 1 to 2 tablespoons should be suitable to firm your yogurt.


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Ingredients for rennet yogurt

To make your yogurt with rennet here is the list of ingredients to gather to succeed your home recipe:

Preparation of yoghurt for home rennet

To make his homemade yogurt with rennet here is the procedure to follow:

You now know how to make yogurt with rennet at home.