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Discover the history of yoghurt

Discover the history of yoghurt, the origin of yoghurt and the history of yoghurt.

the first traces that prove the existence of yoghurt consumption date from 2500 years B.C.E. is more than 4500 years that yoghurt is consumed on Earth!




The origins of yogurt

It is likely that the first ai was discovered by chance, the milk having probably been left too long in the sun or heat. You can consult this other article to find out the spelling and origin of the word yoghurt.

The question is how long did it take for men to discover that rance milk had become a tasty dessert?

Historically, it is very likely that the discovery of yoghurt will appear in the climate zone of India, Asia or southern Europe before arriving in areas with cooler climate.

One theory suggests that it was the Bulgarian nomads who discovered yoghurt by chance with a spontaneous production of yoghurt in their goat skin bag. Originally, it would have been these nomads who transmitted it to Europe in the second century AD.

Yoghurt has been consumed for nearly 1000 years in India, Asia and southern and central Europe, little known in the rest of the world.

It is that at the beginning of the 20th century it is thought that the longevity and health of the Bulgarian peasants was due to their high consumption of yoghurt, it is from this moment that yoghurt began to conquer the world and that its modern history begins.

The second cause of yoghurt development around the world is due to the famous company Danone, the world's leading yoghurt producer. Founded in 1919, the history of Danone, a leading company in the world, has ensured the spread and success of yoghurts throughout the world.

You now know the origins of yoghurt, its historian. You can now explain the history of yoghurt to your friends.