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Yoghurt recipe is a site dedicated to yoghurt and homemade yoghurt recipes in all its forms with different types of milk. Yes Yogurt is composed in different form and variety and everyone knows about yogurt with cow's milk but you will discover its variants, with goat's milk, sheep's milk or even with vegetable milk for lactose intolerants.

Yoghurt is a healthy food to discover and very simple to do at home.

Of course you will find all the information about yoghurt, how to make your own yoghurt, the best yoghurt recipes and yoghurt cooking.

You will see, making its homemade yoghurts is very easy and rewarding in addition to being excellent!

The use of a yogurt will surely be useful to you to succeed the recipes of your homemade yogurts at all times! But choosing a cheap yoghurt is not always easy, so we have made a comparison of yoghurts so that you can choose its yoghurt or cheese yoghurt easily.




If you like yoghurts, you will discover the different types of milk that can be used in your home yoghurt recipes to do at home simply with or without yoghurt.

Whether you're looking for yogurt recipes with yogurt or yogurt recipes without yogurt, helps you make your home yogurt even better than your Danone yogurt!

You will see making its home yoghurts is very simple with the right recipe, your home yoghurts will be simply delicious. Making yoghurt is really very simple, requires very little material and requires only a little patience.

You will find the best yoghurt recipes to do at home, simple and fast making yoghurt just asks to understand how we make yoghurt and then with imagination, your yoghurt creations are limitless. We tried to give you the main ideas of creating homemade yogurt, it is up to you to customize and adapt these recipes to make your own homemade yogurt recipe: yogurt nature, Greek yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt, fruit yogurt, frozen yogurt, brewed yogurt, lactose-free yogurt... there is something for everyone!

You also have at your disposal yogurt recipes, Seb, Lagrange, severin or Moulinex being the most famous yogurts of the moment.


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